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2010 Toyota Avalon

Toyota supports the arts with one of their flagship sedans

By Korby Marks

My Mom drives an Avalon.

That’s all I needed to know to give this sleek, newly designed vehicle “favored automotive status” before I even experienced the ride. And when I discovered that the 2011 version of the Toyota Avalon is the official car of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater’s 20-city North American Tour, well my love for this car became downright personal as the neighbor I grew up with 3 doors down is an Alvin Ailey dancer (Asha Thomas).

The Toyota Avalon is a part of our family, a part of our culture and when you drive it, it owns the road. It’s strong yet nimble, quick and well-balanced. It takes curves and turns with the grace and power of an Alvin Ailey dancer and its leather-trimmed seats give the comfort of sitting comfortably in a dance theater watching the performance of a lifetime.

Can’t wait to see if the 2011 model is even better.

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