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2010 Toyota Corolla XRS

Ready to experience Toyota’s brand new Corolla? No, you’re not.

By Korby Marks

When I received my latest assignment, test-driving and writing a review for the 2010 Toyota Corolla, I was, like, do I really have to do a review on a Corolla? Really?

But that’s because I didn’t know that the new 2010 Toyota Corolla XRS looks so good!  Honestly, when I walked up to it I didn’t think Toyota had given me the right vehicle.  But once I double-checked my stat sheet with the stylish, fire-engine-red car in front of me I quickly hopped in and sped off before the Toyota people changed their minds.

Sure, this car is classified as a small, 4-door sedan but, let’s be clear here, the new 2010 Corolla XRS is definitely a sports car.

Okay, let’s get the brass tacks out the way. The XRS is an eye-catching, head-turning, sporty-looking vehicle (with an available rear spoiler, I might add).  It zips in and out of traffic with the agility and quickness of a motorcycle.  The XRS also gets a budget-saving 22-mpg city and 30-mpg highway.  It has great safety ratings and equipment, including front and side crash protection, as well as rollover protection.  The stylish leather bucket seats are comfortable, steering is a breeze, and satellite radio is one of the available options, giving you a variety of broadcast choices while you’re zipping around town.

This car is ideal for anyone who wants to save a few bucks but not have to sacrifice style to do it.  It’s built with safety in mind yet looks slick enough for you to roll to the latest club or party without having to hang your head.  And you won’t be bashful picking your date up in the XRS either.  Speaking of dates, I picked one up in the XRS.  She was impressed. And when a woman is impressed with a car, you know it’s a good-looking car.

Toyota has certainly given their Corolla line new life.  Check out the 2010 Corolla XRS next time you’re in the market for a sporty $20,000 sedan. You won’t be disappointed.

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