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2010 Toyota Tacoma

The heavy-duty truck that cleans up better than most

By Korby Marks

My latest assignment: the 2010 2-door Toyota Tacoma. I love pick-up trucks so I knew I’d enjoy test driving this.

Toyota hands down makes the best looking pick-up trucks on the market. And this reminded me of the truck I used to own. It’s nicely sized, strong, powerful and has a nice long bed for hauling everything from gardening supplies to construction equipment.

Now, being a pick-up truck connoisseur there are a few things I’m automatically looking for: utility, ease of steering, and power.

In the utility category I loaded five 50lb bags of soil, 4 shovels and 200 lbs of brick into the flat bed. The Tacoma handled it easily and had room for more.  And never you mind why I had all those supplies at the ready.

Historically, pick up trucks have been just okay at steering, but this 2010 Tacoma steers like a sedan, takes turns easily and is easy to maneuver. Case in point, I drove it up the 8 level spiral parking structure at the glitzy outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles called the Grove.  The pillars in this spiral parking structure are pockmarked, scraped, dented and mottled with the paint from cars and trucks unable to maneuver well enough to avoid them.  This 2010 Tacoma took all 8 levels of that spiral parking without even flinching. The steering in this truck is top-notch.

My last criterion is power.  You want to be able to load up your pick-up (which I did), burst out from a freeway entrance ramp and accelerate while your bed is fully loaded, and not have any issues pulling away from the freeway cars barreling down behind you.  This truck did that easily, plus it also took that steep hill going up La Cienega to Sunset Blvd., without so much as a stutter again while fully loaded with gardening equipment in the back.

To top it off, as utility based as this truck is, it cleans up really well and is still classy enough to drive during a night on the town.

The Toyota Tacoma line is what I recommend if you’re in the market for a pickup. The next pick-up truck I buy will definitely be a Tacoma.

Starts at $16K

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