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2015 Infiniti Q70L: Long and Luxe

By SékouWrites
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Fall is a great time to grab the keys to the Infiniti Q70 and take a quick road trip into the Pocono Mountains. Right now, the leaves are changing into vibrant shades of red and yellow, the air is brisk and refreshing and, if you’re lucky, you’re liable to see a deer. Or, in my case, be seen by one.

After parking the Q70 in a densely forested area of the Poconos, I opened the car door and found a doe standing just a few yards away, watching me. She was probably trying to get a better look at the Q70. Who can blame her? The Q70 is a very pretty car.

My test drive model was actually a Q70L (“L” for Long-wheelbase), with a Graphite shadow exterior color and White Ash silver-powdered wood accents. Trust me, it’s fancy. The high level of luxury inside the Q70L impressed everyone who got inside the car.

Inside, the seats were plush and comfy. I really liked the speaker placement on the seat back just below the headrest—very handy for getting immersed in your music.

I also enjoyed the fact that the Q70L offers multiple ways to input information. First, you can press the voice button and talk out your destination by following the car’s prompts. This voice control option is fast becoming a standard feature on most high-end cars, but some systems handle it better than others and in the Q70L it works exceptionally well. If you don’t like talking to your car, however, there are a few more ways to tell the car what you need: Levers built into the steering wheel, buttons on the dashboard and even a touch screen. All of these options can be helpful when you’re on the road, juggling multiple tasks.

Since my Q70L was a long-wheelbase version, there was plenty of room. In fact, sitting in the back seat of the Q70L is almost like sitting in a separate car. There is so much legroom that the Q70L is well suited to be a vehicle for shuttling around VIPs. In the Q70L, clearly comfort is king.

With such a long vehicle, you might be concerned about parking, but you need not be. When you put the car in reverse, the parking camera system lets you see 360 degrees around the car. There’s no way you won’t park this car well.

One standout safety feature: Blind spot notification lights that are located INSIDE the car. This is a helpful because most blind spot notifications are located, outside, inside the rear-view mirrors. Having them inside the car reduces the chance of you missing the indicator light because of conflicting glare.

Inifiniti’s slogan is “inspired performance,” so it’s no surprise that the Q70L drives very well. There are three different drive modes for this midsize luxury sedan (Eco, Normal, Sport) and each of them feels a bit different, especially Sport mode which makes the Q70L feel zippy and quick, despite its relatively large size.

Be warned. It may look be a sedan but it feels like a sports car.


  • 2015 Infiniti Q70L (long-wheelbase)
  • The normal length Q70 starts at $49.8K, the Q70L starts at $51.3K and the Q70 Hybrid starts at $55.9K
  • The Q70L’s combined MPG of 18 is shockingly low for a sedan. During my test drive I got about 16.2 MPG and I used the “eco” mode often
  • Fun exterior colors like Graphite Shadow, Chestnut Bronze and Black Obsidian
  • So much legroom in the back, you’ll beg your friends and family to be your chauffeur
  • The Blind Spot Warning system uses radar to detect vehicles in your blind spot. Also, the Blind Spot Intervention System will brake the car if you stray too close to an object in your blind spot.

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