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2017 Kia Soul Great for Commute

We often test drive Kia Souls and you’d think they’d all be the same. But nope. So not true. The 2017 model was fun, but nothing special. What we did decide this time is that it’s a great car for commuting. Here’s why:

1. Gas Saver – Fill this guy up at the beginning of the week and you may not have to go back to the gas station for a few days, maybe not until the weekend. It averages 31 miles per gallon on the highway, but I was able to push it to 38 and 40 depending on driving conditions.

2. Zippy – Frankly, it’s a fun car to drive because it hits corners like a go-cart. Turning corners or switching lanes feels like the “Fast and Furious,” without the crazy speed of course. The down side of this, however is that everyone in the car felt the roads’ bumps and dips.

3. Comfy for traffic – When stuck on the slow-0-5 or any highway for that matter, it’s nice to be in a car that feels nice to sit in. There’s enough legroom and comfy features like a great arm rest and surprisingly body hugging seat to keep the driver cozy for long periods.

4. Fun lights and Sound – Driving to work or from work can be a drag in traffic. But with a great playlist, an amazing sound system and some party lights built into the speakers, traffic just became an elevated experience.

5. Affordable – Starting in at just $16K, the Soul is a great second car made for those morning commutes to work and with the kids. If not for a commuter car, for first time drivers, the Soul is a good look for teens and young adults. It’s safe, not too fast, fun and cute.

By Brittney M. Walker for

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