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#4 2012 NY Auto Show Awards

Next up? Bentley, Toyota, and Lincoln. Here are our final three picks for the 2012 New York Auto Show Awards! See our latest awardees, below. To see our previous round of awardees, click here


Best Alpha Woman Ride Award
The Bentley New Continental GT V8 says everything you want to say … plus a whole lot more that you don’t even know it’s saying.  The bottom line, when you step out of this bad boy, you will not be trifled with. Trust.




Best Birkin Bag Storage Area Award
Ladies, you know your mom told you not to put your purse on the floor.  Where to put it though?  Where indeed.  Not many carmakers have considered this question, but we think you’ll be satisfied with the cubby space just below the gearshift in the Toyota Prius.  Prius … keeping “going green” sexy.

The Best Spontaneous Model Award goes to fellow writer Leaura Luciano. While admiring the beautiful, just-unveiled Lincoln MKZ, Leaura hopped in the driver’s seat for a better look and completely took it in stride when a multitude of journalists immediately descended on her with cameras flashing and video cameras whirring.

Hoped you enjoyed these awards as much as we did!

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