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6 Free Road Trips From Nissan Versa

Nissan just launched a new website for the Nissan Versa. The good news for you? A free road trip!

Just visit and follow the prompts to create your ideal road trip. Pick the route, the destination, the soundtrack, and you can even invite three of your Facebook friends to come along.

That’s it. Submit your trip, explain why your imagined road trip should be made into a real one and share it with your peeps. You can enter up until October 19.

What do you win? Your road trip made real– and, yes, you get to KEEP the Nissan Versa. Nice, right? Six winners will beĀ announcedĀ on November 14 so hurry up and get your road trip in the mix.

Oh, and P.S. The Versa Sedan, on sale now at Nissan dealers nationwide, offers the most legroom, headroom, trunk room and technology per dollar than any other car in America, making it a facilitator of great experiences.

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