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Neither Snow, Nor Rain…


By SékouWrites

True story: There’s a woman who lives in an area that gets slammed with snow every winter, but she never shovels her driveway. When the snow falls, she simply waits for it to stop, hops into her Range Rover, and drives right over—and through—the thickly accumulated ice crystals. Her neighbors are so used to it that they don’t even shovel out their cars. They just call her.  She dutifully picks them up, drives them to the store for supplies, and drops them back home. If that sounds surreal, then you’ve never driven a Range Rover. Yes, those same sleek SUVs that seem to strut down city streets with a presence bordering on regal are also built to withstand the worst that the elements or terrain can muster. From mountain trails barely wide enough for a billy goat to waist-deep mounds of snow and bodies of water high enough to splash your shoulder, the Range Rover is built to conquer all comers. And you won’t even notice.  With heated front and rear seats, a voice-controlled navigation system, and a Bluetooth-enabled console that can automatically connect to your cell phone when you enter the vehicle, the Range Rover Sport HSE is comfortable enough that you can almost forget it’s capable of near-impossible feats.  Almost. (Range Rover Sport HSE starts at $59,000. Range Rover Sport Supercharged starts at $72,450;  Reprinted from UPTOWN Online.

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