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BEST BODY PART: Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse’s Rear Entertainment System

While the Chevrolet Traverse may not be as famous as some of its other vehicular siblings in the Chevrolet family, it certainly has every right to be. Boasting OnStar, keyless entry, and a power lift gate it was certainly designed to impress. The real coup de grace however comes from what’s in the back. The optional rear entertainment system (with rear-seat DVD player, remote control, overhead display and two sets of wireless headphones) is very much on point. Plus, the Bose speakers are the business. The Simply Rides team only had one day to test drive this beauty so we put it to a unique test: The drive-in movie comparison. Parked securely, with a movie playing on two screens (one drop down and one in the dash), three of us spread out in the back and focused our attention on the picture and the sound quality. We can safely say that the rear entertainment system is not just for kids any more. Not only were images from the DVD sharp and the sound crisp, we also discovered a few bells and whistles in the back that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Drink holders built into the walls surrounding the third row seats, for example, were quite a surprise. It was also pretty spacious back there. We probably could have fit two more people in still enjoyed the film but, as it was, we needed that space for our movie snacks. Welcome to what will soon become dad’s portable man cave.


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