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BEST BODY PART: Ford Escape’s Lift-Gate

During a recent test drive of the 2013 Ford Escape in the scenic city of San Francisco, we learned about a fancy new feature that Ford is betting the farm on. In a car industry first, Ford has created a handsfree lift-gate (i.e. hatchback) that can open when you kick your foot under the bumper. So, for example, if your hands are full of groceries, or (more likely) your latest take at a Manolo Blahnik sample sale, there’s no need to put anything down. Just walk up to the back of the Escape, kick your foot under the bumper and the lift-gate will unlock and open– provided you have the key nearby in your pocket or purse. Cool, right? And, yes, we know what you’re thinking. No, you won’t scratch your fancy Manolo Blahnik pumps. Of course, if you’re wearing those bad boys, you can get any man on the street to kick under your bumper for you anyway. *wink*

Pricing: Starts at $22,000

2013 Ford Escape
Old Ford vs. New Ford.



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