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BEST BODY PART: Infiniti’s BCI Button

Yeah, we know you don’t know what BCI means but, hey, neither did we until a few days ago. During a very scenic test drive of the new Infiniti JX SUV in Charleston, South Carolina, however, we recently discovered Infiniti’s BCI button, oysters on the half shell and why the JX is such a big deal.

1. We’ll skip over the oyster part. If you haven’t been to Charleston, you should be forewarned that there are oyster places everywhere. Try one.

2. Why is the Infiniti JX such a big deal? Size. If you’ve seen the gargantuan Infiniti QX then you already know that Infiniti does luxe well but, for years, Infiniti customers have been asking for an SUV that’s smaller than the QX but still has third row seating, unlike the smaller Infiniti FX. With the JX, Infiniti has delivered. Not only does it have a third row, it has a ROOMY third row. There is so much room in fact that you can scoot a second row seat containing a baby seat forward WITHOUT having to remove the baby seat. Now, that’s handy.

3. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for … the BCI button. BCI is an acronym for Backup Collision Intervention. Toggle the BCI button on your dash and if the JX senses an imminent impact as you’re reversing out of a, let’s say, the Kate Spade parking lot, it will actually apply the brakes for you, avoiding certain disaster. We gave the BCI button a test spin by easing backwards towards a golf cart and it definitely works. Somewhere, owners of banged up, parking lot shopping carts are rejoicing.

Serious kudos to Infiniti for always being first to introduce new and innovative safety features before the rest of the automotive pack, like Advanced Lane Departure, which helps pull you back into your traffic lane, Distance Control Assist, which prevents you from rear-ending the car in front of you and, of course, Backup Collision Intervention. We feel safer already.


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