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BEST BODY PART: Infiniti’s Color Blocking

By SekouWrites

Low, loud, and quick the Infiniti G37 IPL is a lean, mean, (street) racing machine but, if you’re not in the mood for speed, it still makes quite a (color) statement just standing still.

Tough one, but we’re gonna have to go with the color palate—both inside and out. Our test drive model came in a color called “Malbec Black,” named for the purplish malbec grapes that are used to make red wine. Given the way the exterior of our G37 shimmered and shifted from black to deep purple when the sun hit it, we would’ve called the color “Midnight Eggplant.” Either way, it’s a stunning color and even rolling down the expressway at high speed we got plenty of double takes. Of course, the fact that the interior was rock-star-pretty didn’t hurt either. Our car had fire-engine-red leather seats with matching red stitching. Super fly.

The backseat is really more of a shelf for makeup and your iPad, but if you do have to stuff someone back there, they’ll have easy access via a one-touch button that will slide the front seat all the way forward. Even better, there is a second button on the driver’s side of the front passenger seat, allowing the driver to help with the rear loading process for a change. We’ve never seen that before.

It’s a small thing, but the trunk release doesn’t force the trunk up into the air when it opens so, therefore, it doesn’t block your rear view. For anyone who has ever accidentally bumped their key fob and then come out to the parking lot to see your trunk standing wide open (and up), you’ll understand the importance of this feature.

Speaking of the key, the key fob holder under the dashboard solves the problem of where to put your keys (the G37 has a push-button starter) and it also beeps when you open the door so you won’t forget them.

2012 Infiniti G37 IPL
(IPL = Infiniti Performance Line.  Yes, the name fits.)
MPG: 22, combined
Price: Starts at approximately $51,000
Colors: The only one you need to know is Malbec Black.


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