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Best Body Part: XJ’s Computerized Dashboard

Jaguar XJ’s Dashboard

By SékouWrites

Take a peek at Jaguar’s redesigned 2011 XJ and you’ll find some significant improvements to engine power, interior aesthetics, and Jaguar’s iconic front grill, but you’ll also discover one very special body part worth discussion: The dashboard.

Sure, that sounds dull, but that’s because you haven’t seen it yet. The Jag clan has advanced the world of automotive design (again) with a completely new idea: a dashboard made out of a computer screen. No, I’m not talking about a run-of-the-mill digital dash. The XJ actually has a 12-inch flat screen display like, say, the one on your laptop. Because of this, Jaguar was able to build in lots of flexibility. The whole display behind the steering wheel actually changes depending on what you’re doing.

One minute, a section of the screen will show basic car functions like miles per gallon, and the next minute you’ll see your next navigation-system-prompted turn. Likewise, another “gauge” shows your gas level at first but, once you fasten your seatbelt, the gas gauge vanishes to show who in the car still needs to buckle up.

For the more adventurous, pay attention to the tiny button with a checkered flag on it between the driver and passenger seats. This one-touch button, which is placed near another game changing innovation by Jaguar (a rotary gearshift that you spin to select your gear), is serious business. Remember that James Bond-inspired quote about not touching a specific button in his tricked out vehicle of mayhem? That’s what comes to mind.

Tap the button in question and, not only does the dashboard change to a energetic red tint showing your current gear in large numbers that you can see easily at high speed, but both the driver and passenger seatbelts actually tighten, pulling you back into XJ’s comfortable leather seats so you can zoom away safely.

Move over, Speed Racer, the XJ is coming for you.

Why he’ll like it: The checkered dynamic drive button is perfect for the “Rocket Racer” trapped inside every guy.

Why she’ll like it: Not only does the dashboard DVD player only work when the car is parked (so he won’t get distracted), but the seats can be heated, cooled, or offer up a massage.

2011 Jaguar XJ
Starts at $72,700
Combined city/Highway MPG starts at: 18



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