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Best Car Deals for Under $15,000

Car buyers rejoice! Thanks to innovative design and techno­logical advances, it’s easy to find a sleek, speedy ride that fits your personality and practical needs-– for a steal. Reader’s Digest has compiled the best inexpensive cars for bargain hunters, high-tech drivers, sports car fans and more. Here’s an excerpt below:

For Bargain Hunters: Ford Fiesta (pictured), with a $13,200 starting price and a fuel economy up to 37 mpg. The lowest-price pick, this compact sedan offers practicalities like a fuel-efficient engine and a keypad door lock (never fumble for your keys again!). Plus, you get the Ford SYNC multimedia inter­face, which uses voice recognition to make calls and play your favorite music.

For High-Tech Drivers: Kia Soul, with a starting price of $14,400 and a fuel economy up to 30 mpg. The starting price affords features such as Bluetooth hands-free connec­tivity and a USB port for audio players. Opt for the Eco package to get great mileage, low rolling resistance tires, and a powerful battery.

For Sports Car Fans: Chevrolet Sonic, which starts at $14,200 and has a fuel economy of up to 35 mpg. The Sonic’s motorcycle-inspired gauge cluster qualified – alongside Ferrari’s – for Car and Driver’s Ten Best Design Details of 2012, and this compact car continues to impress speed demons in 2013. Thanks to shorter gearing for its six-speed manual, it’s quick and easy to handle.

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