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Best Car For Moms at the 2016 North American International Auto Show

By LaTasha Channel Spivey

What does the North American International Auto Show in Detroit have to offer moms?

First, lets be clear. I mean, real M-O-M’s! I’m talking…carrying groceries, a diaper bag, and a kid on your hip moms. Like me!

As a mother of two growing boys, a full time student, and a broadcast journalist, I need tons of room in my vehicle. I mean, where else can I change clothes, write my stories, and store the stroller and soccer gear?

Recently, I visited the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit, as a guest of the General Motors Diversity team and it was AMAZING!!!

Even though many of the vehicles on display were over-my-budget sports cars with fancy names, to my surprise there was one vehicle that would fit well with my lifestyle: The all new, redesigned 2016 GMC Yukon Denali! I “met’ this beauty as it was sitting pretty in the GMC display under sparkling lights, sporting a brand new color for the brand: “Iridium Metallic,” i.e dark gray with a hint of purple.

I’m telling you, this full-size SUV is perfect for the on-the-go, busy-as-a-bee mommy. It even comes with its very own personal chauffeur. Okay, I’m just kidding but, when you open the driver’s door, a running board glides out from underneath the car as if a chauffeur was helping you into the SUV. The running board slides back into place once the door is shut. The Denali also has lots of hidden storage nooks for those electronics we all like to travel with as well as space for my reporter notebooks. Plus, the Denali features the GMC IntelliLink system with Apple CarPlay–a system that connects your personal technology to your ride. And it has improved fabric that protects against spills! How cool is that, moms?

Adding more intrigue to this vehicle is the fact that its lead designer is a mom! Helen Emsley is the Executive Director of Global GMC Design and User Experience. She says that she pushes it to the limit with her designs and she knows what it’s like being a mom on the go. She took to the streets and listened to what customers wanted.

“We listen to the customer for design and customer’s needs,” said the British design executive. “The consumer’s involvement is very valuable to the design team.” She also explained that her broader focus is getting more women involved in design management at GM.

It makes me all the happier to know that the person responsible for the design of my new dream vehicle understands some of my needs and wants. Win-Win for the home team (#TeamMom)!

  • 2016 GMC Yukon Denali
  • Starts at $65K
  • MPG: 15/22 (city/hwy)
  • Ten exterior colors including Iridium Metallic and Midnight Amethyst Metallic
  • Optional 4G Wi-Fi hotspot inside vehicle


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