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BET Awards ’13: Meet The Winner, Byron Keaton

Meet Byron Keaton (@byronentertainu), the energetic winner of a trip to the Ford-co-sponsored 2013 BET AWARDS! Bryon uploaded a :60 second YouTube video explaining why he deserves to be Ford’s VIP guest to the 2013 BET Awards. As the winner, his VIP experience includes a trip for two to the BET Awards (he brought his best friend Jerrica), exclusive access to the Ford-sponsored red carpet and access to the Ford Hot Spot (#FordHotSpot) Lounge, as well as attendance at the star-studded show, and more! Check out his video below and follow him on Instagram to see his celebrity adventure! Photo: Byron Keaton with Shawn Thompson, the manager of Ford’s multicultural marketing team.

[Ford Motor Company sent us to the #FordHotSpot to cover the activities in their social media lounge at the 2013 BET Awards]

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