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BIPEDAL: Year of the Snake 2013 Bike Launch (NYC)

Most of us remember our first bicycle fondly. Not only did it mark the acquisition of a new lifelong skill and the completion of a childhood rite of passage but it also symbolized those first few fledgling attempts at independence. Those of us who grew up in an urban sprawl like NYC also remember something else about that first bike: Being territorial. Once you’ve crossed over in the world of bike-ownership, the last thing you want to do to pedal down the street to see five other kids with your same bicycle. That feeling of wanting to express one’s individuality through the owenership of something unique was the impetus for the creation of Manhattan-based STRADA CUSTOMS. Only a few years old, the custom bike brand has already developed a cult-like following, as evidenced by the remarkable turnout they had for their recent bike launch at YOTEL New York in Times Square. Dubbed the Year of the Snake 2013 Bike Launch, the event was partially a celebration of Bike Month, which is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists to, “celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride.” On the uber-trendy, purple-themed 4th floor of the Yotel, bikers and taste-makers alike gathered to take cell phone pictures of the Strada team building bikes on the spot. No, really. LOTS of pictures. The photo game was intense because Strada has promised to give away a custom bike to one lucky Instagrammer. With custom options (and colors) that can be applied to every single part of the bike, a Strada is definitely a prize worth competing for. The competition was fueled even further by a live Instagram feed near one of the two iconic Yotel Yaks. Whether you already have a bicycle or not, Strada is worth a look, even if it’s only to manifest the adult expression of your childhood individuality (read: swag).

Strada Custom bikes start at approximately $450.


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