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Carmageddon, Meet Your Match: Vespa

No doubt you’ve heard about the mass panic in Los Angeles over a 53-hour closing of a 10-mile section of a section of the 405 expressway. The name they’ve given it says it all: Carmageddon. Course, We have a solution for LA’s traffic congestion, Carmageddon or not. One word: Vespa. And since we’re picking favorites, we’re gonna have to go with the vintage styled Vespa GTV. The GTV’s look pays homage to the vintage style of classic Vespas from the 50’s and 60’s. Note the the headlamp, which has been positioned on the front mudguard, just like it was on the very first Vespa prototype. This vintage looking ride will rocket up to 80 miles per hour and get a whopping 65-70 miles per gallon. All that, and you can get it for only $6,899 and buy it in fun colors lvespaike “espresso.” Carmageddon, you’ve been warned.

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