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Chevy: The Green Machine

Chevy reduces its fumes

By SekouWrites

Seems like Mother Nature’s favorite color is now the most popular buzzword for everything from lipstick to stick shifts—these days, if your product isn’t “green” (or going “green”), you’ve got problems. Chevrolet, however, is geared up to tackle President Obama’s green mandate with vigor. Recognizing that there is no single answer for such a complex problem as lessening the toxic load of the car industry, Chevy is attacking on several fronts.

The imposing Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid pickup truck runs on both gas and E85 (a natural gas substitute that burns cleaner and leaves less waste), so you can reduce your carbon footprint and still tote that barge. As a GM vehicle, the Silverado comes equipped with OnStar, which will help you locate the nearest gas station that offers E85.

If you’re driving a Chevrolet Cobalt, though, you won’t need to ask for the nearest gas station very often. The various models of the sporty Cobalt boast an impressive miles per gallon range of 30 to 37, which means you can zip around town for almost two weeks without having to refuel—that might explain why celebrities like Swizz Beats and Mike Jones are fans.

And for a more pedal-to-the-metal green approach, there is 2010’s Chevrolet Volt, a hybrid electric vehicle that can travel up to 40 miles per day on 100 percent electricity (zero emissions) before the gas engine kicks in. Even cooler, the Volt can be recharged by plugging it into any wall socket.  Have extension cord, will travel.

(From top: Silverado Hybrid, $38,020; Cobalt SS Turbo, $26,515; Volt, $40,000, estimated; all at

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