CONTEST: Valentine’s Day Luv Kit Winner!

And the winnnnnnah is …

San Jose-based health and fitness expert Jylana Sheats, PhD! 

Jylana’s name was chosen out of all of the entries via a cute randomizer program we found on but her innovative vodka drink deserves a shout out too (recipe below). Before we get to that, we should mention that Jylana is a long-term Mercedes-Benz customer (check out our Riding Shotgun test drive).

As a postdoctoral research fellow in the field of health and disease prevention at Stanford’s School of Medicine, it’s only natural that Jylana’s poison of choice is designed to have a reduced calorie count.

Lush-ish Cherry Bomb Skinny Drink

2 oz of U’Luvka vodka
4 oz of club soda
1/4 packet of Ocean Spray Cherry to-go packet
Serve in a tall glass over ice


Click HERE, to see what Jylana won. Make sure you get your entry in next year!

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