CONTEST: Valentine’s Day Winner!

And the winnnnnnah is …

Salisbury NC-based self-proclaimed “nomad,” Nicole M.!

Nicole’s name was chosen from the entries via a handy randomizer program but her, er, interesting rum drink deserves a mention (recipe below). In case you’re wondering (we were!), this picture was taken on Camelback Mountain in Arizona where Nicole used to live.

We haven’t yet tried this sweet concoction that serves four but it sounds like a lovely summer drank to us.  You?

Papaya Delight

Puree a whole ripe papaya.

1/2 cup of milk,

1 cup of Cockspur Rum

1 cup of crushed ice

2 tablespoons of sugar

Serves 4.

Nicole’s further instructions: “Sit back relax and enjoy the tropical goodness of this Papaya Delight.”


Click HERE, to see what Nicole won. Make sure you get your entry in next year!

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