CONTEST: Where Would You Vespa?

Judging by the completely ridiculous (!) heat wave currently sweeping the nation, it’s definitely going to be a sizzlin’ hot’ summer. Lucky for you, Vespa USA is offering you the opportunity to cool off (a little bit) by letting the wind blow through your hair as you zip along in your very own, brand new Vespa!

In their “Where Would You Vespa?” photo contest, the scooter company is challenging the general public (not just Vespa owners) to let their imaginations run wild by submitting a picture of their ideal “Vespa-friendly destination.” The entrant whose photo who receives the most votes by August 31 will win the grand prize– a new, Vespa LX 50!  Mind you, you don’t have to have a Vespa in your picture– just post a picture of the place where you would like to drive a Vespa. Easy.

Interested? Of course you are. First, visit Vespa USA or the Vespa Facebook page, then click on over to the registration page where you can upload your picture. Next, get all your friends and family to vote, like, often! Good luck– and if you win don’t forget to send Simply Rides a picture too!


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  1. ROBERT Ortiz DAVILA says:

    If had a Vespa scooter I would drive through all my neighbors lawns to make them mad. I would then take it out to river to go fishing. For a long distance trip I would like to see if it could make it over the grape vine into Nevada. I would also love to post my escapades on you tube if you guys didn’t mind. Not the driving on my neighbors lawns of course. 🙂

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