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NY Event: Michelle O Brunch

A brunch that inspires black women to live their best lives
By Abiose Massaquoi

I recently attended a wonderful networking brunch for African American women called the Michelle O Brunch at The Rising Star Gallery in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

The Michelle O Brunch was formed by Chana Ginelle Ewing after being inspired by the life led by our first African American First Lady, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama is able to juggle being a mother, a wife, and a First Lady with grace and style. Chana realized that there had to be other women out there that felt the same way she did: excited and inspired by the First Lady and wanting to excel at what ever endeavors they were a part of.

The Michelle O Brunch connects professional African American woman from ages 25-40 from diverse sectors such as education, media, entertainment, and the arts.  A planning committee runs the brunch and the five female members of this board are known as the Chef Circle.  They are: Chana, a cross platform storyteller and owner of littlebigGirl+co.; Kaeisha O’Neal, a Media Executive and Lifestyle Blogger; Mirande Valburne, Employment Lawyer and Co-founder of Living Measure; and Christian McKenzie, a fashion journalist.

I had a really great time at the brunch. It was great mingling with women with such drive and aspirations. The great thing was there were no egos in the room. Everyone was willing to give out information to help the next young lady succeed.  The day of the last brunch, it was rainy, gray and gloomy outside but, inside, rays of positivity brightened the room.

For more info, visit the Michelle O Brunch on Facebook or their website,

(Abiose Massaquoi is a NY blogger who writes about fashion and events at Fashion



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