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Fiat 500c: 11 Things You Should Know

Ladies, here are 11 things you should know about the super-cute Fiat 500c and a photo gallery to match.  The C, of course, is for “cabriolet” or convertible– so get ready to whip your hair back and forth. P.S. For all the guys who asked: Nope, J. Lo does not come with the car.

1. Push, don’t pull.  There are no knobs in the 500c, everything on the dash is push-button, which makes for an interesting and unique interior look.

2. Sporty spice.  The “sport” button, positioned right smack dab in the center of the dash, will become your friend for in-city driving when you need a bit of zip to slip through traffic.

3. Size matters. The 500c is tiny.  You know it’s tiny, but it doesn’t feel tiny inside.  All that said, you have to relearn parallel parking.  You can fit this baby just about anywhere, you just have to believe you can. Park Assist will help you with that.

4. Lockdown.  There is no apparent way to lock the car doors from inside.  The answer to this riddle, which we found in the car’s manual, is very cool.  You simply push the door handle out to lock the doors.  Another fun quirk: the USB/Auxiliary jack are both in the glove box.

5. Drop the top.  The full time convertible roof has three different settings that allow from a little bit to a lot of sun.  Of course, the full time convertiable top is lightweight enough to let plenty of exterior noise in, so be prepared to crank the Bose stereo system up loud.

6. Baby got back. The 500c’s convertible top compacts itself like an accordion just above the trunk so you don’t lose not one bit of trunk space.  And the trunk is a pretty decent size too.

7. Audience participation.  The 500c got more comments and started more conversations than ANY car we’ve ever test driven—and that’s saying quite a bit.  If you want to blend into the background this, my friend, is not your car.

8. Sledgehammer.  The optional interior leather package and exterior pearl paint are both worth buying for their “wow” factor alone.  I mean, you’re sure to impress people with red and white leather seats and a paintjob that seems to change colors. We did.

9. Yes, Officer, it’s really my car.  The black rubber key fob may not the best way to unlock the door at night.  If it’s dark out, it’s very hard to differentiate which button get you back inside the 500c, which can result in the alarm going off.

10. “3” is the magic number.  It cost us $35 to fill up the gas tank and we averaged about 30 miles per gallon.  Not bad for a tiny, little gas tank.

11. No Mr. Mayhem allowed. The driver’s side rear view mirror has a second smaller mirror that is angled perfectly to see anything in your blind spot. Loved it. Seems like an invention that should have come out ages ago, right?

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