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FINGER CANDY: Kristin Hanson’s London Starfish

When jewelry designer Kristin Hanson talks about one of the new rings from her KIKI Collection, she certainly strikes a chord with

“This London Starfish Ring is the perfect bauble for driving,” says Hanson. “It looks great on the steering wheel and makes me feel better in traffic!”

Indeed. And, to allow her London Starfish Ring to really stand out, we’re going to suggest pairing it with the understated luxe of the Jaguar XK— a divine match, if we do say so ourselves. Now, if that’s the kind of driving mojo that tickles your fancy, you should definitely check out the whole KIKI collection and create some pairings of your own.

Hanson, who started her career designing custom pieces for fashion houses, has become known for her unexpected use of colored diamonds and her ability to infuse them into innovative, unexpected shapes like starfish, vines, and sea urchins.

In keeping with that expertise, Hanson’s KIKI Collection is divided up into four subcategories that reflect her wide range of natural inspirations: Sea, Earth, Starfish and Rock.

Hanson was also recently honored by VIV Magazine for the humanitarian work she does with Haiti. Watch the video, right here.

London Starfish Ring, $436.00
Kristin Hanson Showroom
60 Reade Street, TriBeCa

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