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Ford’s Flex turns heads

By SékouWrites

I admit it. I didn’t expect to like the new Ford Flex very much. But, when I saw it in person, it definitely got my attention.

Side view of the Ford Flex.

All queued up in a line of flashy metal and rubber at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta, the Flex made much more of an impression in person than it had previously in pictures.

In print ads, the Flex looks kind of small, like a double long Cooper, and somehow I expected it to feel like a toy—as if a strong wind could carry it away. What I got, however, was more like a bumper car on steroids: a very solid feeling, immediately responsive monster that ate up the road and slid down backstreets easily.

Speaking of which, when Funkmaster Flex advised us that the car he helped design was a constant showstopper, I assumed this was pride-based bravado. My assumption was quickly disproved when we took the ride out on the road. In the space of an hour, three different people stopped us to ask us about the Flex or offer their kudos on it.  Multiply that by 10 when I drove the Flex in New York. Everywhere I looked, people were looking back at the car.  And pointing.  That’s not to say everyone loves the Flex, though. Its designers say it has a polarizing, “love it or hate it” effect on people.  Put me in the former category.

With the Flex’s greater fuel efficiency (17/24), drivers of more traditional SUVs can save as much as $100 per month on gas.  Even more, when you factor in Flex’s SYNC technology that not only directs you to the nearest gas station but also tells you how much the gas at that station costs. Needless to say, these days 20 cents difference is no laughing matter. Over time, buying the cheapest gas will reduce your monthly spending even more. A fact not lost on other drivers—an SUV owner sped up to catch us. “How’s that thing on gas,” he asked.  Great, we told him before bumper car’ing away.

My fellow Ikea shoppers will love this: All, I repeat, all of the Flex’s passenger seats fold flat for loading that cute “assembly required” bed you’ve had your eye on. If you live within driving distance of an Ikea, you’ll become the go-to person for furniture runs—for better or for worse.

Other amenities include a heated second row, an electric outlet for whatever you wish to charge up, and, get this, a mini-fridge in the backseat that you can set to cool or freeze your vittles. Not to mention, the Flex has multiple sunroofs, so each member of your crew gets to enjoy some sun—or not, since each sunroof also has a retractable shade.

If you’re looking to turn some heads and enjoy yourself while doing it, the Flex is what you need to “flex up” on the road. For the non-slang inclined, that roughly equates to “do the d*mn thing.”

For more info about the Ford Flex (MSRP: $28K–$40K), click here.

Reprinted from UPTOWN Online.

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