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Ford Inspired People To “Go Further” In New Web Series

Just in time for the holidays, Ford is highlighting individuals who are making a difference in their communities through their Ford Go Further program, a mini documentary series that celebrates the people that embody the spirit of Ford’s global brand promise, Go Further.

One individual who is making a major impact in her community is Ford owner, Tawanda Jones. Tawanda is the founder of inner city youth program, Camden Sophisticated Sisters in Camden, NJ – one of the most dangerous and impoverish cities in the country.

Camden Sophisticated Sisters is a dance and drill team but Tawanda Jones also provides a safe place for kids to gather to do homework, experience community, receive love, recognition and emotional support. The kids learn to dance to the beats of the drummers in the group.

In a city where gang activity and dropping out of high school is a way of life, the 4,000 kids who have passed through Camden Sophisticated Sister since its inception 30 years ago, have all graduated high school, and most have gone on to college. This is a huge feat especially when you take into account that fewer than 50 percent of students in Camden graduate high school.

Ford isn’t the only one that has taken notice of the inspirational program, pop star Beyonce left a video message for the girls after she saw one of their dance videos to her track, “Get Me Bodied”.

Tawanda Jones is changing lives and giving kids with no hope a chance at survival. Check out the inspiring story of Tawanda Jones founder of the Camden Sophisticated Sisters in her Ford Go Further mini documentary. It is a powerful piece that aims a spotlight directly on the inner-city youth program who continue to beat the odds by utilizing their love of dance and music.


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