FRAGRANCE: Rhianna Gets In The Perfume Game

Looks like Rhi-Rhi is adding to her world domination with a new fragrance– but is it hot?

By Abiose Massaquoi

Who: The Reb’l Fleur “rebel flower” girl has a tough exterior but is a gentle soul. She comes off as a bad a** but the people closest to her know the real deal. She is unpredictable and daring. She can punch out paparazzi one day and attend a charity event the next. Hate her or love her, she is unforgettable.

What: Rebe’l Fleur reminds me of the tropics. The perfume smells like flowers, vanilla and coconut.

Where: This perfume is the perfect scent for a tropical stay-cation party. Spray some of this baby on and invite some friends over for an impromptu Caribbean theme party. Break out some Elephant Man, buy some coconut rum, and get your “wine” on.  LOL!

The perfume will be available February 2011.

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