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Funkmaster Flex has his own car and you can, too

Funkmaster Flex’s tips on creating a custom car:

By SékouWrites

1.    Know what you like. Flex started off doing custom jobs out of his own pocket.  But before he could make a nice car look nicer, he had to look around to see what really caught his eye about other rides, both old and new.

2.    Get it on paper. Flex has about three artists he trusts to draft “renderings” of his automotive visions.  Look for someone you work well with, someone who can take direction without adding too many of their own ideas.

3.    Price it out. Once you make a list of what you want and the parts you’ll need, price things out individually to get a sense of what your budget needs to be.

4.    Don’t settle. Everything matters, from parts to labor.  If you want this to be your dream ride, give up on the notion of doing it on the cheap.  Keep quality high across the board.

5.    Take your time. Whether you’re under the hood with a wrench every night or sending your car across the country for a known customizer to take a crack at it, be patient.  It’ll take time to get it right.  The results, however, will be spectacular.

6.    Save up. Flex says you can expect to spend at least $5K on your ride “if you’re serious.”  So, get serious and get your money together.

With this advice, you’re well on your way to parking a unique vehicle in your driveway.  One more thing: Remember to call your insurance company when you’re done.  You will have altered the vehicle, so if you want all those new doodads to be covered, you best let the insurance people know that a policy change is in order.

CLICK HERE, for more on Flex’s tricked out Ford Taurus SHO!

Reprinted from UPTOWN Online.

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