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Funkmaster Flex’s Ford Taurus SHO

Celebrity DJ and car customizer Funkmaster Flex unveils his jaw-dropping version of the Ford Taurus SHO

By SékouWrites

Ask celebrity DJ and car customizer Funkmaster Flex what he likes about being in the car game, and you’re likely to be surprised by the answer.  “The car industry isn’t like the music biz, where you can hide behind marketing,” he says with a knowing smile.  “In the car game, either the product works or it doesn’t.”  And Funkmaster Flex knows a thing or two about making the product work.

Currently, Flex is in Las Vegas at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, where auto-philes gather annually to see what after-market products are available to add to automobiles.  At SEMA, you can see (and buy) anything to make a car unique, like rims, tires, funky shift knobs, extra-large DVD screens, and even gas pedals shaped like feet.  Flex is in town to unveil his latest gem in the Flex/Ford collaboration, a Flexercized version of the new Ford Taurus SHO.  If you missed our previous story about the SHO (Don’t Call It a Comeback), you should know that the SHO is positioned to be Ford’s newest flagship sedan and Ford is putting its full weight behind it.

To wit, both Flex and the SHO’s African-American designer Earl Lucas have been out stumping for the car, and Ford has ordered up custom remixes of the SHO by talented car customizers like Flex, MobSteel, and DUB magazine.  Of these snazzy jobs, which were all on display at SEMA, Flex’s stands out. Not only did he create a new color for the car—something Flex describes as “brushed charcoal”—but he also produced a custom-made grill and door handles (among other things) before adding his trademark “FMF” logos on the body and headrests.  Flex’s SHO is definitely a skillful punch-up on what is already a beautiful vehicle, as you can see.

Original Ford Taurus SHO:

Flex’s Ford Taurus SHO:

Nice, right?  Best of all, Flex’s SHO is one of a kind, which inspired us to ask the Funkmaster how the average Joe can create a custom whip.  CLICK HERE, to read his six tips.

Reprinted from UPTOWN Online.

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  2. Larry Griffith says:

    How can I get a front splitter for my 2015 Ford Taurus SHO? If I can get one, the price. Thanks! griff

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