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Gadget: Headphones

Ready to upgrade from those plain old white ear buds?  Here are two headphones that’ll get the job done and then some.

By SékouWrites

1. The Plattan. Available in enough colors to match all of your outfits and easily collapsible to hand held size when you’re on the go, these are the perfect headphones for the urban multi-tasker.  Not only do they deliver rich, robust sound but they can also do double duty as a telephone headset for cell phones like the iPhone and Blackberry.  Plus, they have a jack that allows other folks to plug their headphones into yours and hear what you’re hearing– social networking at it’s best.  All that, and the Plattan has a cool back-story too.  When someone asks you about your snazzy headphones, you can tell them they’re named after Stocklholm’s most central meeting point.
(The Plattan, $59.99,

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