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Heal the World in Heels: Eco-Friendly Fashion

Just because you want to save the planet, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while you’re doing it. Yes, ladies, it IS possible to be a tree hugging fashionista. Many fashion brands have committed themselves to using sustainable materials in their fashion designs. From bathing suits to high heels and jewelry, it doesn’t take much effort to be eco-friendly from head-to-toe.

Amara Gold is a jewelry company specializing in 14k gold and sterling silver jewelry made from recycled metal. According to the company’s mission statement, each piece is 100% renewed and created without disturbing the earth.

Beyond Skin is a brand out of the UK specializing in vegan shoes (left). The company not only saves animals with theirsynthetic fabrics, but also develops ways to cut back on the environmental dangers of production. The company also donates a portion of their proceeds to environmental projects.

H&M has teamed up with WaterAid for a collection of blue beachwear (below). The retailer will donate 10% of the proceeds to WaterAid, which works to provide clean water for poor communities across the world.

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