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Honoring David Watkins

David Watkins was one of the first people I met when I moved to NY. He was a hilarious man who was always ready with a joke or jibe as well as a force of nature of event planning. Like many others, I was very saddened to learn of his recent, untimely passing. Below is a breif memorial reprinted from You’ll be missed Dave. -Sekou

David Watkins – one of UPTOWN and Vibe’s own – passed away on October 28.

The world knew him as an award-winning event marketing and advertising visionary with deep roots in the media and music industries. He was part of the launch of pretty much every culture-shifting magazine of the 90’s and ‘00s – The Source, Vibe, UPTOWN. David’s specialty had always been creating epically stylish events and his most memorable include stuff of legend in pop and urban culture: The Diddy 30th Birthday Gala at Cipriani, The Urban Box Office launch at Ellis Island, Antonio “LA” Reid’s 40th Birthday Gala.

Friends knew David Watkins as someone with a contagious laugh, who was always ready to help a friend, could talk to anybody and would not settle for anything less than fabulous. In offices all over New York – and in virtual meetings on Facebook – those he touched huddle today to share favorite photos, his best one-liners, laughable memories and the Best of Dave.

We will remember you always Dave. Thank you for making this lifetime a memorable one – and for setting an example of how life should be lived: celebrating the present to the fullest and never being too busy to help someone else.

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