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INTERVIEW: SekouWrites talks road trip rides with Daryl Killian

In case you missed it, I was recently on the radio in Atlanta, GA! Well, physically, I was in Nashville, TN but I called into the AutoNsider, an automotive radio program hosted by Daryl Killian, one of my Morehouse brothers. This isn’t the first time I’ve had the pleasure of being on Daryl’s show but this time was special because he and I compared notes about our top picks for road trip cars. Listen in to hear our thoughts on which cars you need to book for your next road trip. My opinions were admittedly influenced by the fact that I had just test-driven a Lexus RC 350 sports car from NYC to Nashville and was about to test-drive a Lexus RX 450 hybrid SUV back from Nashville to NYC. Stay tuned to hear more about those experiences but first, check me out on the AutoNsider, below!

SekouWrites talks road trip rides with Daryl Killian on AutoNsider (WAOK)

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