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Land Rover’s Winter Wonderland

Go off-roading in Vermont for your next weekend trip

By SékouWrites

Spring ski trip?  But of course.  Sure, the weather is warming up, but that’s all the more reason to sneak off for a weekend vacation to frolic in the snow.  If that idea tickles your fancy, you’ll definitely be interested in Land Rover’s alternative to the typical ski weekend.  In the quaint little town of Manchester Village in Vermont, Land Rover houses a 80 acre off-road driving course.  Full of dips, divides, side tilts and rocky paths, it’s the perfect place to let your adventurous self loose without getting into too much trouble.  The Land Rover Experience Driving School is a part of the Equinox Resort (half a block away) and Land Rover’s professional driving instructors will teach you all the ins and outs of dashing through the snow in one of the world’s most capable off-road SUVs.   Don’t worry, it’s a very hands-on course—you do all the driving from start to end.  If you get stuck, though, the Land Rover guys are there to talk you though it.  The best part of the experience, for city slickers like us, is that there are a bevy of discount outlets in-town so you can shop after your lesson.  Plus, the fabulous Equinox hotel with its rich history, delicious food and, extensive spa treatments is worth the trip alone.  Driving school prices start at $250 for a one-hour lesson and $1,200 for a full day excursion.

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