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Go Big or Go Home!

To boost the Escalade’s appeal among green-minded drivers, GM shrewdly introduced this luxury hybrid, which gives big SUV lovers all the size they want and better mileage. (There’s even a gauge in the dashboard that shows you how fuel efficient your driving is.) The Platinum is loaded with cool fixings, from a rear-seat touch screen–controlled DVD player and air conditioned seats to headrest TV screens and retractable running boards. And, since the Escalade is a GM vehicle, it comes standard with OnStar. (For more information, see my Cadillac Man video) MPG: 20 city/21 hwy

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking a Range Rover off the beaten path, you already know why its customers are so loyal.This is the vehicle you need to conquer just about any sort of terrain. Not only can it drive through a river without letting a single drop of water seep inside, but it will also automatically slow down to descend hills—even if you take your foot off the brake. Updates include a 510-horsepower supercharged edition, and the Autobiography package of opulent trimmings, such as a wood grain dashboard and leather accents, make the 2010 model the plushest go-anywhere ride you’re likely to encounter. MPG: 12 city/18 hwy

The kids, your crew, your dog, and your golf clubs will all fit in this mega-Benz, thanks to its power-folding third row of seats. Distract the little ones (or your backseat driver) with an optional rear-seat entertainment system, which boasts two 8-inch LCD screens, and keep them safe with Brake Assist, technology developed to provide maximum brake pressure in emergency situations. The air suspension system delivers an impressively smooth ride, while the V-8 engine delivers a fun one. MPG: 13 city/17 hwy

Nissan’s Infiniti brand has been gaining ground as the vehicle of choice for a lavish driving experience—and for good reason. With heated steering wheels, power-adjustable pedals, 12 cup holders, and four power outlets, the QX often seems more like a tour bus than an SUV. The nifty navigation system offers real-time traffic updates and Lane Guidance, which tells you what lane to get in for the next turn. MPG: 12 city/18 hwy

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