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DRIVEBY: Maiysha, Paying it Forward

‘Tis the season for giving, and giving back, of course, is the best kind.  Just ask Grammy-nominated singer Maiysha and Grammy Award-winning producer Scott Jacoby.  This dynamic songwriting duo recently spent a bit of time writing and recording a Christmas song with a very special group of students.

Sixth and seventh grade students at the Bronx’s East Fordham Academy for the Arts were given the opportunity to meet with Maiysha and Scott to create their very own song.  Fitting, since East Fordham Academy was founded on the idea of, “Learning through the use of the arts,” according to its founder and principal Tanicia Williams.

After meeting with the children at East Fordham Academy to create an original song, Maiysha and Scott worked with them again at Harlem’s Stadiumred Recording Studios to record the song professionally.  Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic.

Certainly, they’ll be even more so when the album drops in April.  The album, in this case, will be a compilation of songs created nationally by the ASCAP Songwriter Residency– the program that Maiysha and Scott were a part of.

Ten schools in ten different cities paired their students with local songwriters through the residency, and the program was run twice in NY, LA and Chicago.  So, once completed, the album will have thirteen original tracks—all created by children.  An opportunity that even Maiysha was slightly envious of.

“Who knows where I would be as a songwriter if I had had an opportunity like this at their age,” she explained.

Maiysha and Scott Jacoby with East Fordham students
Maiysha, Scott Jacoby, Sue Devine (ASCAP), and Tanicia Williams with East Fordham Academy students.

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