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Man Cave: The HTC Evo Top 10

10 reasons to fall in love with the EVO

By SékouWrites

10.  Photo quality

Not only is the photo icon conveniently located on the home screen, but the image quality is top notch.  I’ve actually been using EVO pics for some of my articles and I met at least one other journalist who is doing the same.  Saves us a lot of time.  Plus, it’s so easy to share the photos after you take them that you’ll soon become known as your crew’s shutterbug.

9. Customizable pages
Speaking of the photo icon’s location, who hasn’t wanted to rearrange their phone to be more convenient to them?  HTC must have been listening.  Offering multiple sets of seven different screens that you can customize with icons, apps, photos and more, your EVO will be just as unique as you are.

8. The kickstand
This is one of those “of course” inventions that seems like it should have come along sooner.  Now that EVO has a kickstand, all the other big, touch screen phones will be forced to follow suit.  I mean, after the ease of a kickstand, who can go back to trying to prop up the phone with a folded Skymall magazine on long flights?  Not that I’ve ever done that.

7. Twitter integration
Of all the social networks, I like Twitter the best but I always forget to check it.  No mas.  The EVO brings @ mentions right to your home screen, which helps you stay connected.  A good or bad thing, depending on your perspective.

6. Screen size
A huge screen with crisp resolution is great for, well, everything from making calls to playing games.  I don’t usually watch TV or videos on my phone but the EVO’s big screen changed all of that.  It’s just fun to use.

5. Android app catalog
This is the first time I’ve had occasion to use the Android platform and I found the offerings quite robust.  Truly, these days there is an app for everything—and Android seems to have them all.

4. Live backgrounds
Sure they suck up a lot of battery life, but how cool are the live backgrounds that continue to move, swirl, and sweep across the screen even when the phone is at rest?  Quite the conversation starter—and I always did like a good conversation starter.

3. 4G
Yeah, I didn’t know what it was either so I asked my cousin—a cellular technology rock star.  In layman’s terms, it relates to speed.  Most smartphones run on 3G, so upgrading to 4G is somewhat like switching from dial-up to DSL.  Although, it’s not available in every city, nor in every area of the cities where it’s offered, when you do find a 4G signal your internet will move even faster than the one on your desktop computer.  Course, my cousin also explained that the infrastructure to support 4G nationwide isn’t complete yet, but that’s another article.

2. Text redial
Yes, I made that term up.  So?  The point is that my current Sprint cell phone, which shall remain nameless, won’t send a text message at all if the message is “sent” while I don’t have a good signal.  The EVO, however, will keep trying until the text goes out, so you can just tap “send” and forget about it.  Other big city dwellers who spend a chunk of their day on underground trains will understand the importance of this feature.

1. The WiFi bubble
This single feature is worth the price of the EVO at by itself.  You no longer have to hope that your hotel offers free WiFi.  Just flip the “hotspot” switch on your trusty EVO and you’ll create your very own wireless bubble for you and anyone else in the vicinity (as long as you give them the password).  It won’t be as fast as your home connection but it’s perfect to tide you over.


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