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Man Cave: Toxic Watches?

Well, not “toxic” exactly but let’s call them … provocative, shall we? The name of this new line of watches from VOLNA is called VOLNATOMIC, and these babies are nothing if not a conversation starter.

Designed by famous, Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa, the line is said to be exploring “forbidden territory” by using the yellow and black colors universally known to symbolize danger, warning, and nuclear threats.

Says Arpa, “The use of irony via diverted codes is typical of contemporary art and in certain offbeat circles, but never shows up in watchmaking.”  He just might be on to something. We certainly love this watch.

The man who chooses this watch is clearly a nonconformist. A man who is prepared to make light of things and wants to escape from the conventional universe every time he looks down at his wrist. We can easily see that hilarious Old Spice actor rocking this one.

The toxic skull atomic symbol and emergency exit signs appear on a black and yellow dial framed by a bezel with a striped pattern composed of either alternating matte or polished black finishes or of alternating colors, according to which model you select: Crime Scene (pictured), Radioactive or Atomic Central.


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