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Mercedes-Benz Reinvents The Car Race

Social media has taken over.  Just ask Mercedes-Benz.

MB just ended their first Tweet Race, where four two-person teams left from one of four cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Tampa) and headed to Dallas in custom-outfitted Mercedes-Benz vehicles, relying on Tweets to get them to the finish line.  Fun, right?

Well, after an unforgettable journey across 3 days, 1400 miles and thousands of Tweets, the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race has sadly come to an end.

The winners?  Composed of Driver @tsand, Co-Driver @ijohnpederson, Team Coach @petewentz and their S400 HYBRID Sedan (shown here), Team S lead the race from starting point to finish line. Their prize: a pair of all-new 2012 C-Class Coupes. In turn, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will receive a donation from Mercedes-Benz totaling $45,000.

At the link below, you can relive the race, explore the best moments of the competition, or test the Twitter-fueled prototype vehicle for yourself.

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