In this week’s episode of MOMMY ON THE MOVE, human resource professional and prayer practitioner, Melissa Moorer Nobles talks about the freedom of driving and how being the mother of twins has taught her how to “be in harmony” with lack of balance.

Learn more about Melissa and her life of prayer, below. And don’t forget to check out last week’s episode, right here!

  • Melissa Moorer Nobles: Human resources executive, licensed prayer practitioner and “spiritual interior designer.”

 VIDEO: Episode 3, “Be In Harmony”:

12 thoughts on “MOMMY ON THE MOVE, Episode 3, “Be In Harmony” (Melissa Moorer Nobles)”

  1. Yes, I’m going to comment on my own episode cause that’s how I roll…in a Kia 2016 Sorento…LOL. I want to thank SekouWrites for the opportunity to share who I am in such a unique way. Having my Sugahs share in this experience with me is the icing on the chocolate cake. The infusion of the car, me, and my girls was in perfect HARMONY!!!

    InJoy Mommy on the Move,

  2. awww, thanks so much! you’re the very first person to comment on the series! 🙂

  3. Loved! Sekou what a wonderful job of highlighting all the things that make BB and my Little BB’s so incredible.

  4. Beautiful Libra choosing harmony over balance and reveling in motherhood all while driving in a Kia with her lovely twins. Now that’s a SMOOTH ride!

  5. Love, love, love!!! Sekou, great job at capturing Mel’s fabulousness as mom and driver! Great segment! Special shout out to the twins!

  6. Having recently suffered the loss of a beloved person, seeing Melissa, A and Z in this episode really lifted my spirits and has motivated me to set new goals. Can a Taurus woman strive for harmony also? Really great job Sekou! Felicidades!

  7. Thanks for all the GREAT comments! You guys rock!

  8. What a great piece. Learned so much about my new friend! My little one LOVES the twins (hey girls!!). Great family (say hey to Marko!).

  9. I lived this video! Melissa’s comments about harmony vs balance was on aha moment for me. Thanks for sharing that Melissa! And Kia of course.

  10. Love the Sorento too! Thanks for sharing finding harmony and or balance is extremely hard! Kudos for finding Balance!

  11. I truly enjoyed this video! I’ve never met Melissa’s daughters and it was a pleasure to see them in action and enjoying their ride in the Kia. As always, thank you for the sage advice on ways to implement harmony in our lives!

  12. I loved that episode.

    I can definitely relate to the harmony over balance principle.

    And I loved those cute young ladies!

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