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Mother’s Day Magic: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Who’s Daughter?

Carol’s Daughter. The beauty line is offering a special gift set called the Memorable Mists Trio, which includes the Almond Cookie, Sugared Violets, and Orange Ambrosia Dry Oil mists ($29.50). As skin-tillating as that all sounds, there’s more. Carol’s Daughter recently launched the “I AM Because You Are” competition, which allows people to describe their positive relationship with their mother via the company’s Facebook page as well as post personal beauty tips and tricks mom taught them (I’m still using egg whites on my face to keep my skin tight. Thanks, Mommy!). Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, will select a winner and treat her to a day of pampering—an all-expense paid spa visit. Buy the trio online (or in-store), sign up for the competition, and hopefully, win.

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