NASCAR Twins “Linked” by Jewelry

At a recent, private photo shoot, famed NASCAR drivers and twin sisters Amber and Angela Cope were styled wearing Di Modolo’s newest Triadra ARGENTO collections.

“Linked by Love”- the gift of eternal love, representing two souls embraced forever by an unconditional heart. This symbolism was perfectly applied in this particular usage for the twins. The “Medallion Collection”- Di Modolo’s most coveted bold design was also featured and paired to the twin’s stylish looks.

The Triadra ARGENTO collection is exquisitely crafted sterling silver offered in polished and rhodium finishes completed with diamonds, pearls, onyx, and beautifully colored gem stones.

Di Modolo is available nationwide at Bloomingdales, Birks & Mayors and other fine stores nationwide. Also available at; Di Modolo flagship store, at The Mall at Short Hills NJ.


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