The NBA Does Care

Edwin Genece’s work with the NBA Cares program is just what the doctor ordered for families looking to get and stay healthy

By Diane Da Costa

There’s a big focus on families at the NBA program NBA Cares, especially when it comes to lifestyle and wellness. This December, NBA FIT has partnered with Certified Holistic Health Coach, Edwin Genece to offer healthy lifestyle choices for families.

NBA FIT Hoop Health shares powerful information on nutrition, exercise and fitness, family life and spiritual practice—a total lifestyle website for families and kids. Every Tuesday, Edwin offers his insight with a holistic approach, exploring all the facets of wellness by sharing great recipes, healthy restaurants, exercise techniques, bodywork and green market locations. Also, every Thursday Edwin will respond directly to all your questions.

Often, the concept of wellness is looked upon from an outward appearance, with a concentration on only shaping and toning the physical body. But, according to Edwin, diet and exercise are the most common methods used to perfect the body.

“Wellness is the total balance between proper nutrition, exercise, your relationship with others, family, career and a healthy spirituality practice,” says Edwin.

When asked how one can achieve successful balance, Edwin explains that, “Finding your balance is a very individual and personal matter. It is not one size fits all. What really matters is you find what works for you as an individual.”

Sometimes, stress can be the biggest cause of imbalance. And massage therapy is one of the best stress relievers. Edwin, a licensed massage therapist, is the founder and president of EG Bodywork and has practiced massage therapy for over twenty years.  In that time, he has worked at some of the best spa and fitness centers in NYC, like Bliss Spa, Equinox and Reebok Sports Club.

As a holistic health coach, Edwin uses a nutritional and dietary approach, which is combined with exercise and massage therapy to treat his clients, some of whom are NBA basketball stars, NHL players, or professional dancers.

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