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Game On: Ninja Blade

A fresh twist on the classic ninja legend puts your fingers through their paces

By SékouWrites

It’s almost officially summer—if the weather cooperates—and even though we know you’re running off to the Hamptons every weekend, you’re bound to spend some of your time indoors.  So if you need a game to keep your fingers nimble and your reflexes top-notch, make sure to bring a copy of Ninja Blade with you.

FromSoftware, known for its work on Armored Core and the Tenchu franchise, has created a new twist on the classic ninja legend with Ninja Blade. In this modern epic, ninjas fuse traditional skills with modern technology, and intense action and battle scenes take place atop modern-day Tokyo skyscrapers.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guide Ken Ogawa in his effort to defend Tokyo and humanity itself from terrifying monsters and their genetically mutating disease. Armed with an extensive arsenal of specialized ninja weapons, tools, and skills, such as Ninja Vision, which shows the action in slow motion, players must fight insurmountable odds to bring peace and order to the world. Players will also find themselves living an action movie experience as they interact with in-game cut scenes scattered throughout the storyline.

In real-life terms, that means you’ll have to keep one eye on the action and one eye on your joystick in order to tap out the exact sequence of buttons appearing on the screen to defeat your foes.  Remember that game Simon Says?  It’s like that, but harder.

Visit to peep a prequel manga (comic) created by VICE magazine that traces the missions that took place before current times, when Ken Ogawa and the GUIDE team fought to contain the infected.

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Ninja Blade ($59.99;

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