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PATRONAGE: Just A Dash Of Salt

Salt … it’s not just for food any more. Believe it or not, salt is an integral part of the auto industry, too. A study conducted by Marquette University found that, when winter storms turn roads to ice, de-icing them with salt reduces accidents by 88% and injuries by 85%. Nice. Plus, salt can also be a whole lot of fun! For those you who haven’t seen the salt flats of Utah, you’re sorely missing out. And, if you’re a MINI Cooper owner, you’ve got no excuse. Every other year MINI Cooper hosts an event called MINI Takes The States and one of the stops on that cross country road rally is, you guessed, the salt flats! Get into it. And, in the meantime, don’t forget … everything’s better with a little salt.”


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  1. ASTARTHUR says:

    a grade school kid knows that, to univ we pay tax for state and town to salt we should not have to salt is this from a professor in college with no real time thoughts just teaching from a book making $100.000 a year ?

  2. ASTARTHUR says:


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