Black and white photo. An African-American man wearing a dark hoodie stands with his head bowed. Behind him a shiny white Kia Sedona minivan is parked facing him in front of a lake. The text reads: Before Brown Boy Bad(?); Successful fathers on race & childhood. Note: the question mark is orange and it is in parentheses on purpose. There is an orange podcast icon in the upper left corner of the photo.
#BlackLivesMatter, before brown boy bad(?)- podcast, brown boy bad(?), podcast

PODCAST: Before Brown Boy Bad(?) – Episode 1- More Than A Play Date

“Before Brown Boy Bad(?)” is the audio companion to the “Brown Boy Bad(?)” docuseries. In each installment of this podcast, which was produced by Thomas Reid and SekouWrites, a successful African-American father describes the first time he became aware of race as a child.

Episode 1- More Than A Play Date: Marius, a Nashville resident, talks about how a childhood interaction with a white classmate eventually made him aware of race and the lengths to which parents will go to protect their children.

PODCAST EPISODE 1: More Than A Play Date

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