PODCAST: Before Brown Boy Bad(?) – Episode 1- More Than A Play Date

Black and white photo. An African-American man wearing a dark hoodie stands with his head bowed. Behind him a shiny white Kia Sedona minivan is parked facing him in front of a lake. The text reads: Before Brown Boy Bad(?); Successful fathers on race & childhood. Note: the question mark is orange and it is in parentheses on purpose. There is an orange podcast icon in the upper left corner of the photo.

“Before Brown Boy Bad(?)” is the audio companion to the “Brown Boy Bad(?)” docuseries. In each installment of this podcast, which was produced by Thomas Reid and SekouWrites, a successful African-American father describes the first time he became aware of race as a child.

Episode 1- More Than A Play Date: Marius, a Nashville resident, talks about how a childhood interaction with a white classmate eventually made him aware of race and the lengths to which parents will go to protect their children.

PODCAST EPISODE 1: More Than A Play Date

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