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Range Rover Gets Pretty

Range Rover’s Autobiography Package

By SekouWrites

If you read my review of the Range Rover, you already know that the only place I found it lacking was the interior.  It just didn’t feel all that much like a luxury vehicle.  Well, maybe the Land Rover folks read my articles because they’ve just unveiled some dramatic improvements for 2009.  Check out the new Land Rover Autobiography Package.  Very plush.  Yes, I’m taking full credit.  Where’s that royalty check?

During a recent driving clinic held by Land Rover at their Equinox Driving School in Vermont, the Land Rover with the Autobiography Package was definitely the star of the event. Sure, Land Rovers can do things that make you think they should license the Superman logo and stamp a capital “S” onto the grill of every vehicle, but the fun gets more fun when you can play Superman without having to give up an ounce of luxury.

RR Interior

That said, for 2009 the Range Rover line-up will offer a very limited number of Autobiography Packages as an option for the supercharged Range Rover (shown above).  The Autobiography Package includes lots of leather (both trim and seating), wood accents with a shiny, piano lacquer finish, climate control for all four seats, a rear entertainment system with a remote control, a small refrigerator mounted between the two front seats, and even seat warmers that can be toggled to warm your back or your backside (or both).

The picture here really doesn’t do it justice.  Bottom line, the interior of the Range now matches its stellar off-road capabilities.  So, those die-hard Land Rover owners—Land Rover has won the coveted Polk Automotive Loyalty Award several times over—have more reasons to stick with their favorite car brand.  And you’ve got more reasons to get yourself into one.

2009 Supercharged Range Rover: $71,825.00 MSRP. Autobiography Package pricing and availability to be determined.

Reprinted from UPTOWN Online.

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