REVEALED: 2012 MINI Coupe Roadster

By SékouWrites

One of the latest members of the MINI Cooper family is the 2012 MINI Coupe Roadster, a convertible version of their previous two-seater, the very sexy MINI Coupe. Naturally, the most fun-loving of the automotive brands added some new and inventive ways to deliver smiles, like the active rear spoiler you can toggle at will and the Openometer, which tracks how many hours you’ve been driving with the top down.  For traditional driving fun, three engine options are offered to help the Roadster maintain the patented MINI Cooper “go-kart feeling” and the soft-top roof can be manually opened and closed in seconds.

2012 MINI Coupe Roadster
Approximately $45K -$49K (with all the fix-ins)
(reprinted from Uptown Magazine)

excited about MINI!

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