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REVEALED: Jaguar’s Super Fast XKR-S

Even though the Geneva Motor Show won’t officially open for a few more days, things are definitely heating up.  And our friends at Jaguar are bringing the show to full boil with this mean motor-scooter of a car: the Jaguar XKR-S.  With a top speed of 186 miles per hour and enough swagger to turn heads from NY to LA, the XKR-S is one of the most impressive rides we’ve seen in a long while.

“The XKR-S is a bold and exciting new model for Jaguar,” said Adrian Hallmark, of Jaguar. “We expect to attract both loyal and new Jaguar driving enthusiasts who still want the comfort, opulence and class only a Jaguar can offer, combined with inspirational performance.”

Stay tuned for more photos and the sticker price.  Can’t wait to find out how much this baby costs.


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